Monday, November 29, 2010

Update the Last?

So awhile back I updated after a long break and promised to get some more posts up despite my busy and hectic life. Big surprise, I didn't get any done. I did play some games in there, and also got a bit of painting done, but never got around to posting any of it. Shame on me right?

So now it's time for it all to come to an end.

Just kidding, just trying to throw some drama in there, really hook all 5 of my readers.

So the blog will quiet for a bit, or maybe even for a big bit. I am just running out of time for this little personal play area. Sad as it is, there are bigger and better things in store!

Jawaballs has called! He sent out a request a long time back and asked for contributors. I responded and he decided to add me on as a writer. Woot Woot! Makes me way excited. It's a big boost to my 40k ego as it were, getting some validation from one of the big names. Not that I'm the best at anything, but that I do some of it well enough.

Anyways, My first post is up HERE. Check it out, leave me a comment or three. I'm fairly certain that if you are reading this you are reading Jawaballs periodically anyways. But head on over!

I won't let this blog die completely. I will probably do some posts every now and again. I put a lot into it, and don't want it to go away altogether.

I do want to say thanks to all you that commented and gave me a reason to continue. See ya at my new venue!


  1. So then see you there... got me on the one with the drama.

  2. That's funny Cannon. Mostly it was for comedic effect, but the internet doesn't carry my dry sense of humor across so well.

    I'll be happy for your support over there!

  3. Cool man, I'll be over there too. Should be fun to see what you have to say :)