Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little update . . .

Well, a concerned citizen by the name of Anonymous brought the fact that I have not updated in awhile to my attention. And who am I to not give the public what they want . . .

So here goes!

RL has been kinda crazy. I have been shuffling around trying to get my license to practice optometry in AZ and get a job at the same time. Thank goodness the economy is so bad and made the job hunting REAL easy. Anyways, got both of those taken care of, and now onto other things.

I have to buy a car to fit my family now that doesn't fit in our Altima so much. I have to buy a house because the one we have for dirt cheap now is no longer ours in December. Curses to living in your parents house, that's what I say.

Lastly, I just haven't had any time to paint or play much. I have gotten in a few games and tried to finish up some of my bikes, but nothing substantial.

I did play two games last week though with my little Tau army. Relevant points: railguns eat razorbacks and dreads for lunch, Plasma rifle/missile pod is the only configuration if you want to really compete, My tau army excels at kill points, but is horrible in objective games that end on turn 5 from a lucky roll from the opponent. I had him about 10 Kp to 3Kp when it ended, but you have to play the mission not to annihilate, I know. Also, more than 2 troops choices is a good idea . . .

And before I forget, I did get some games in with my Blood Angels, and I am loving an army with 6 rzbs, 3x TL-HF and 3x TLplas/las with assault squads, 2x libbys, 2x sang priests and 2x furioso dreads. It has been really fun to play. It is way mobile which wins games, but the dreads are out of place a bit, they are too slow to really contribute to the game meaningfully, except when they kill 20 boyz in one go from the Blood Talons. Now that was fun.

So the little update turned into a long boring one, but I will be trying to get back on my feet, but with much less frequency than before, I just don't have loads of time to do it, and frankly, life is more important than plastic soldiers.

Until next time.