Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pics and WIPs

Time for an update around here. I got some pictures taken of some of my mostly painted minis. Also a few pics of a conversion I just began working on. So if you haven't noticed yet, everything I have is a work in progress. I have painting/modeling ADD I'm pretty sure, so little ever gets completely done. But at least is doesn't look too crappy on the table. Right?

So here is my Land Raider salvage job. I bought the hull from a friend for 5 bucks. Best deal of my life. I then got the Redeemer/Crusader sprue from the local store and put all the weapons on. I wanted a different looking tank than the others I have painted, and I got some inspiration from the DH codex. Turned out all right.

By the way, I take craptastic pictures with an incredible camera. It belongs to the wife and I am blundering through trying to figure it out. So try to get past the shoddy pics and enjoy the minis.

LR2 rt side
LR2 rt side full
LR2 rt side close

And here it is with my other LR. I magnetized the sponsons on this one as well. If you are interested there is a tutorial here.

LR1 and LR2

Here is a speeder I just finished. This guy was one of my MVP's for the recent tournament. Heavy flamer and multi-melta work wonders.


Don't mind the missing flamer, it is coming, lol.

Now for my latest conversion. I love librarians, in the fluff and in-game. They may not be the best HQ's but I totally dig them. When the new BA dex comes out I am going to run Librarian heavy for sure. My list will probably be created around librarians, with some assault vehicles for fast action. As far as models go, I have Mephiston, a generic Librarian, and now I am converting this guy out of the Assault on Black Reach Captain.

good libby pic

This was my first shot at greenstuff work, and I am very happy with how it turned out. I have a ways to go before I can do it confidently, but it was a great start I think.

The banner was shaved off with a sharp hobby knife, then the Librarian skull with horns went up there. I left the scroll on the bottom to write in some cool name. I sculpted a psychic hood on the head to really make the conversion work. I drilled into the sword hand and inserted a piece of metal rod into to make the weapon a glaive, then glued the skull from the pommel back onto the end of the glaive haft. This book Photobucket is going into the outstretched arm. That skull on the cover wasn't as clean as I would like, but it went well.

There are a few bits I need to clean up where I hacked the mini up, but it is almost ready to prime, assemble, and paint.

Here is a close up of the banner, so all you greenstuff pros can give me some tips.
banner real close

As always, comments are welcome, and even appreciated.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Business Ethics . . .

Ok, this post has nothing to do with business, but whenever I hear the word ethics it makes me think of Billy Madison . . . what a great movie.

Anyways on to the topic. I played in a local tournament and did reasonably well for my first time. I lost one game to a 20 year 40k veteran. He was playing Space Wolves and had a tough army list with all the options you can throw on there. He knew I was a relative newb at 40k, and he deliberately took advantage of that.

So, to start it all off, my list was in limbo right up until it was time to deploy the first game almost. I had the 2 razorback list, but at the last minute I figured I'd drop the TL lascannons and go for more Rhinos for my combat squaded tac squads. Come to find out, that is illegal. Only one transport per squad, even though you are dividing them up. I didn't know that, and my opponent pointed it out kindly to me. I felt mostly retarded, but then he said, "That's fine, don't worry about it." I told him I could change my list easy enough, but he said again not to worry about it. So I didn't. We played on, and he won solidly, but only because he was cheating. I don't know who would have won in the end had it been a legitimate game, he could have still wiped the floor with me, but I don't think that would have been the case.

He had Logan Grimnar in his list who can give one of a few USR's to the squad he has joined. Fearless, preferred enemy, relentless, and another I can't remember. Strong ability right? Well it's even stronger when you call out the ability you want mid-turn rather than at the beginning of the turn like the rule states. Now you might think, who cares. But he was into combat before he tells me that he wants preferred enemy. Then I shoot up Logan's squad and force a Ld check, and here is what could have turned the game around, Logan failed his check. He starts to roll the fallback distance and then declares, "I'll make him fearless this round." I didn't know he was cheating, but he did. He had to call that at the start of my turn, not after I force the check and he fails.

Secondly, he was cheating with his wolf claws. He would roll to hit me, and if was a terrible roll then he would call re-rolls to hit. If it went well, then it was re-rolls to wound. He had to call that before he started making rolls at all. It pisses me off.

And this is the kicker, mid-game he was trying to get his rune priest free line-of-sight on one of my dreads, and makes an illegal move. He moved right next to my tank, well within an inch, and I called him on it. So he moved his character slightly, and then was in coherency with another of his units, so he had to join. So I told him that, and he said, "Come on, you are playing with an illegal list, and you are trying to call me on this?" And I said, "You know what, you are right, its not that big of a deal, I don't want to be that guy." I let it slide, because it didn't affect the game much, his living lightning failed to hurt my dread and no big deal. But he tried to hang his supposedly wonderful sportsmanship over my head to guilt me into allowing him to bend/break the rules. Had I known he was pulling the BS with Logan and his wolf claw termies, who knows what would have happened. And he was the one that insisted I keep my list the way it was, and not revert to my legal version.

So what's the point of my rant? That's a good question, and I'm not sure I know the answer. I'm not going to confront the guy over it. If it happened again, I would call him on the rule at that time. I had an "illegal" list to begin with, but he was fine with that. If you all were in a similar situation where your opponent gave you a favorable call, do you then allow them to walk over you with their rules violations? I'm not going to let it happen again, that is for sure.

To top it all off, he was a nice guy after the game. He is apparently a Blood Angels fan, and showed me his list and how he runs it. He talked tactics with me after the game, and told me all the things I already knew, but just didn't do in deployment. I don't dislike the guy in the end, I would play him again. I just need to make sure I know the codex well enough of each of the armies to know when they aren't following it.

Chime in with your thoughts, ideas, etc. I'd really like to know how others feel about this.

And on a personal note, I passed part 2 of my national licensing exam for my Optometric License!!! WOOT WOOT! I am so stoked. Just 4 more months and one more exam to go and I will finally have some disposable income for this hobby! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tournament Results

The tournament was a total blast for me. It was the first one I had ever played in. and it went pretty well. After the advice I got on the blog I decided to take my own list, with a few changes. Here it is:

2x Death Company Furioso Dreads w/ HF and meltagun
2x Tactical squads w/ flamer and Lascannon and rhinos
3x Baal preds
2x Attack bike squads with MM, 2 bikes each
1 Landspeeder squadron, 2 speeders with HF and MM, and one with a typhoon ML

The list worked pretty well I thought. I was pleased with each of the units in the end. Although, I would drop the lascannon from the tac squads without too much hesitation. With all the moving I had to do, they just didn't get fired enough to justify the points, although in one game, one of them stopped an annihilator pred.

So on to the games! The point of the tournament was to mix it up a bit, so they used 3rd and 4th ed scenarios. I began playing with 5th, so they were new to me, and I thought they were pretty fun.

Game 1 was Cleanse, control table quarters with troops. I was matched vs a nice guy named Luke who proceeded to kick my teeth in with his drop pod wolves. He ran a tough list, but I played terrible. I didn't place anything in reserves like I should have, I deployed poorly, I didn't even pop smoke on my tanks and dreads at the end of the first turn before he dropped on me. It was abysmal to say the least. Even had I played well, his list was tough, and I don't know if I could have beaten him. Wolves are tough, and they have an answer for everything in each squad it seems. Melta and chainfists for vehicles, 3-4 attacks on the charge, and counterassault. So, he beats me in table quarters 2-1, and mostly destroyed my whole army. I did get more than half of his army, but I still lost.

Game 2 was vs a cool kid named Brett playing foot slogging orcs. Mission was to get into your opponents deployment zone for bonus points. He had about 150 models on the table and things weren't looking to wonderful. The game went well for me though. I had lots of shooty, and the flamers on the dreads and the speeders took their toll heavily on the poor orcs. He deployed first and had to be spread out, so I took one side of the board and rolled his flank. He got a few of my preds, a speeder, and a bike. Everything else of mine made it into his zone and I scored major points for all the units and the rhinos. He had a few squads in my zone, but I won the game squarely.

Game 3 was against a fellow named Aaron. He was a good opponent overall, but his Chaos Marines list could have been better. It was Fabius Bile and a load of his enhanced plague marines. 3 squads in rhinos, and one 20 man squad with a predator annihilator. The mission called for me to defend a 2'x2' square from him. I had a building right in the middle of it, so I parked my bikes and speeders right on top and fired at him as he advanced towards me. I popped his rides so he had to get out to fight me, and the combats just didn't go too well for him. He had a really bad time with his powerfists against my dreadnoughts, and I ended up grinding him down. Fabius took out my Libby in an epic assault on top of the building. I gave him 2 wounds and he gave me 3, I failed one of the 3+ saves and that means ID against Fabius. Too bad. I won the game pretty solidly. His 20 man squad was down to about 15 marines and locked in assault with my dread, and his predator was immobilized. I had lost one baal pred to massed Lascannon fire, on baal was immobilized from meltagun fire, and lost 3 attack bikes and Libby. It was a fun game overall.

So the results came in and I had tied a few people in battle points. There were 3 of us tied with 2-1 records. But my victory points were the highest of anyone else at the tournament. I had gotten loads of bonus points for fulfilling the objectives during the missions. So I came in second! I was stoked over it. The guy I lost to was the first place winner, so that was a little consolation for me.

I'm glad I stuck with my own list in the end, rather than borrowing from Stelek. I had played similar versions of this list before and was certainly more comfortable with it than I would have been with the razorback spam list.

Long report I know, but hopefully worth the read.

I'm just waiting now for the next time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tournament List Help . . . Please!

Ok, so my first ever tournament is coming up. It's a 1750 shindig at my local store. I am way excited to get out and play some "competitive" 40k. Who knows what the actual competition will be like, I'll likely get crushed. But no matter, it'll be a fun time to at least get out and play some games.

Point of the post really is to get some input on my lists. I have two that I would like to run. One is borrowed mostly from another site, and the other is a list I made up myself. I'd like input on both of them. Which list I should run, what changes to make if any. Any comments or criticism are welcome.

List 1:
Librarian-Plasma pistol, Null zone and Gate of Infinity
Rifleman dread x3-2x twin linked autocannons
Dakka pred x3-Autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons
5 man tactical squad with Razorback w/ Lascannon and twin linked plasma gun x4
Attack bike squad w/ 3 bikes w/ multi-meltas
Landspeeder w/ heavy bolter and typhoon missile launcher x2

So that is some serious long-range firepower. It looks like a great list on paper, but I dont know how well the razorbacks will do. It's much too easy to pop armor 11. But I think the list will put out loads of wounds to force saves and take out light armor pretty easily. This is the borrowed list by the way. My lists certainly don't look that strong on paper.

List 2:
Death Company Furioso Dreadnoughtx2-venerable, melta, heavy flamer
Death Company marine x2 w/ rhino
Baal Predator x3-twin linked assault cannon w/ heavy bolter sponsons
Tactical Squad x2-Flamer and lascannon w/ razorbacks w/ twin linked lascannons
Attack bike squad x2- 2 bikes w/ multimeltas
Landspeeder Squadron- 2 speeders w/ heavy flamers and multi-meltas

This list still has lots of shooty, but the Furioso dreads are there for some close combat love. They work pretty well in tandem with Corbulo.

So I just can't decide which army to take. I want to stay true to my Blood Angels, but I don't want to be gimped in the tournament by a sub-par codex. So please, please chime in with your ideas on which list to take and how to improve it.

I'd be ever so grateful.