Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blood Angel Army List-Descent of Angels

I've been making lists and toying with ideas since the rumors started hitting the blogosphere about the new Blood Angels codex. I've had some lists I thought were strong, key word is thought lol, and some that were for fun. I think the new codex has lots of cool options, and thankfully some strong options as well. I've posted some of the lists I was going to try out.

One list variant I didn't think would be too powerful was the all jump-pack army. Who wants to start on the board and hoof it all the way across and get shot to pieces? The answer is nobody. Then I learned about the Descent of Angels rule that allows you to reroll the reserve rolls, and scatter is only 1d6. I didn't get the full import of what that meant until I started writing a list for an all jump-pack army. I was writing the list and seeing the units I could add in and the options available and I started to get really excited about the list. I then read Fritz's article about deployment and reserves and so on, and I got more excited. The idea of using m list in this manner was great. I love to assault, I love to deepstrike, and I love to play unorthodox armies.

So I had my list and was tweaking it and wondering how I could make it better. What were the weaknesses, where could I shore up some more strengths? Then I saw Stelek's jump-pack list, and it was the exact same in FOC composition as mine, excepting wargear in a few spots. I liked how he laid out the army and put redundancy in there to cover eventualities. He made the squads dual-purpose, in that they could kill armor or infantry on the charge. It made so much sense to me. Best of all, I already own the vast majority of the models needed.

So here we are. This is the serious BA army I will start to work on and tweak to my liking. The list I wrote was for 1750, because that is what I usually play.

Librarian x2 w/ jump-pack. Blood Lance and Sanguine Sword

Honor Guard x2 w/ jump-packs. 2x Melta

10 man Assault squad x2 with 2x melta and infernus pistol on the sarge

Sanguinary Priest x2 w/ jump-pack and power weapon

Fast Attack
Vanguard Veterans x2. 5 man. Glaive encarmine on sarge. 2x melta, 2x storm shield, power fist.

As soon as I get some time to play, this bad boy will be hitting the table at the FLGS. I'm super excited to try it out.

Comments and criticisms welcome. I'd love to hear others' ideas!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blood Angels Mech List - Razorback Spam

So here is a list I cooked up last night while playing around with the new codex. I'm not going to say this list is super original, because the basis has been floating around for quite some time in various places.

So here's the list:

Librarian-cover save power, and maybe the lance power, not sure here.

6x 5 man Assault squad with melta in a Razorback with Lascannon and twin-linked Plasma

Fast Attack
3x Baal Predators with Flamestorm cannons, or Assault cannons, or any combination that you like.

Heavy Support
3x Predators with Autocannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons

Total points is 1750, which is what I usually play. But it gives you some wiggle room to add some elites, or add some sponsons to the Baals, or add some toys to the Assault squads to hit 2000 points. Maybe some Sanguinary Priests or lascannon sponsons on the Autocannon preds, you know, whatever your taste.

I really like this list, a lot. 12 tanks total, 6 of which are Predators, and all of which are fast vehicles. The list packs some serious fire power at 1750 and has the mobility to get where you want it to go, without suffering too much in firepower. Want to redeploy first turn without losing all your shots? Go ahead and make the 12" move with all your tanks and still fire your lascannons. Take first turn each time and watch as you play a refused flank on your opponent, and still fire 6 lascannons and 6 autocannon shots at him, minimum.

I need to start speed painting my Rhino/Razorbacks and Predators now.

Give me your thoughts on the list, improvements, problems, etc. Any ideas appreciated.

Friday, March 19, 2010

First Blood Angels List - For Reals this time!

Dread chest

Ok, so I looked some stuff up at the FLGS and solidified my DC list I just posted. I'm excited about the list. Funny thing is I have no scoring units. I have to wipe the enemy to win objective games. I think it kind of fits the while Death Company raving lunatics theme. The only victory is in annihilation of the enemy or death.

HQ-Astorath the Grim

Elites- 2x Furioso Dreadnought, 1xBlood Talons, 1x Blood Fists, heavy flamer, meltagun and magnagrapple on each

Troops- 20x Death company infantry, 5x power weapons
4x Death company dreadnoughts, 2x Blood talons, 2x Blood fists, Heavy flamer, meltagun and magnagrapple on each

Fast Attack- 3x Baal Predators. 2x with assault cannon and heavy bolter sponsons, 1x with flamestorm cannon

Baal predators scout ahead to get side shots or mow down infantry. Flamestorm moves fast to torch squads emptied out of their transports by shooting. Dreadnoughts advance at the front providing cover for the infantry, popping smoke first turn if there are no targets. Next turn is assault time, with the Dreadnoughts yanking tanks towards themselves for the infantry to chew on.

This list seems like so much fun to build and play. A serious alpha-strike list could damage me beyond repair, but that goes for most armies, and that is why it is just a fun list and not a tournament list.

Astorath has to make an appearance in the list, the reasons already given. But I can easily see myself subbing him out for a regular Reclusiarch as HQ. I really don't think Astorath adds anything to the list, other than coolness factor, which I can live without after a few games. The points drop would allow me to squeeze in a Librarian. The powers would be up in the air as far as what I would choose, but the psychic defense would be great.

So tell me what you all think, and I'll get cracking on a less gimmicky list.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Blood Angels Army List

(pic taken from
So for my first try at a list from the new codex, I am going to jump on the Death Company bandwagon. I realize that it won't be the most competitive list, but I am going for fun on this. Maybe it will be able to stomp face, but I'm not betting on it, lol.

So here is how the list will pan out I think. Granted I still have no point values, so this list is as rough a draft as you could imagine.

Astorath-because I love the model, plain and simple. He is on order and will be used, and lovingly painted ;)

Librarian-maybe one of these, probably not because of points issues. But the 5+ cover save would be nice for my DC charging across the board.

Death Company-30 man strong I think. Odds are it will be without jump packs, because it is too many points. Thanks for the screw-up on that GW. There will be some power weapons tossed in, and some fists or thunder hammers for tank smashing

Death Company Dreadnoughts-I will try to max these out in numbers. Put some blood talons on a few, a magna grapple or two, so I can bring the enemy to me. I just love death company dreads, and will need to get some more dread models.

Librarian Dreadnoughts- I can't wait for these. I want to look at them more in depth to see what options will be viable. But I'm thinking of jump pack power and the Preferred enemy power with Blood talons. Rerolls to hit, and wounds give extra attacks. That just seems crazy-killy to me.

Sanguinary Priests-I don't know if these guys will have a place in the army or not. I have to see the DC rules and the Priest rules to know what gaps need to be filled. The FNP will be great for a 30 man strong squad at the very least, especially for only 50 points.

Fast Attack
Baal Predators-Fast scout tanks will be awesome. Get into position to open transports or silence heavy tanks while my DC are coming to get them.

Heavy Support
Predators-maybe annihilators, because there is no ranged anti-tank in the list as of now. Although this slot will probably be empty. I just don't think I will have the points under 2K to get anything done. I usually play only 1750 or 1850 games, and all of this will probably not fit in. I will probably have to trim Astorath down to a Reclusiarch, and trim some power weapons/fists, and pare down the dreads while I am at it

So there it is. All over the board, little focus, lots of glaring holes, but I think it will be a friggen blast to play. Until I run into a fast mobile army that I just can't catch. I will have to use the DC infantry as a long strung-out net to hem the opposition in, then close in with the dreads to make them pay. But I will design the list and certainly play it a few times before I change it up to make a more competitive list.

Comments as always are welcome!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Blood Angels are in!

So we all know the advanced orders are up. It was one of the best Mondays I have had in awhile :)

I have yet to see the codex in person,and it is killing me, lol. I need to see if the FLGS has their black box yet, and get in to see it. I am way excited about it though.

I am stoked to get into the book and start list building. It will start with all the fluffy, super-cool units and characters. I will have a few dreadnoughts in there, most likely at least one librarian dread. I will think I have the uber list, and I am sure I won't. It will be a process to get my list refined and tuned so be as deadly as possible. But the journey with a list is most of the fun.

Who knows what the dominant list type will be? There are a few archetypes that have been floating around in my head and the internet. Not that the two coincide, but here are some of my ideas.

1. Mephiston centered lists. This guy looks to be a CC beast. I will make and play a list with him for sure, and other will do so as well. If the non-IC thing is real, then delivery modes will be hard to come by. He won't warrant his own LR. He can't join in with other squads in Rhino/Razorbacks, and won't join footslogging units to hide him from fire. He will have to be bubble wrapped to prevent him from dying while crossing the board. And marines don't have any cheap bubble wrap, unless you are inducting IG. Who knows where this list will go.

2. Stormraven spam armies. I don't know the points cost for this guy, but again, I want to spam it. Don't know if it is a dedicated transport or a heavy choice, so I don't know how many will fit into a list. But the lists will appear and be played, despite the lack of a model. I know I'll be proxying Rhinos to start.

3. Dante deepstrike lists. I love to deepstrike, even though it is less than optimal in most cases. I just like the variability of it. When you stick the landing in the perfect spot it makes for a really fun game. It is too unreliable most of the time, but Dante fixes that. Apparently he doesn't scatter on a deepstrike. Granted you still have to rely on reserve rolls to get him in play, but most of the danger of the deepstrike is mitigated by his rule. Just imagine him droppping down with 30 death company, wherever he wants. Its ridiculous. With a model footprint that large, just imagine the amount of multicharges you could get. Upgrade the unit with Lemartes, and add in a Librarian for an added cover save from the incoming shooting you will get. It's gotta be a points sink, but loads of fun in my opinion.

4. Land Raider deepstrike. I don't imagine this will fare too well in the melta heavy environment that is 5th ed, but who doesn't at least want to try this out? Who doesn't want to drop some Land Raider Redeemers into enemy lines and melt faces? Don't forget you can still fire one weapon because of Power of the Machine Spirit after landing. Use the multi-melta to pop that Leman Russ, or chew up some Orks with your hurricane bolters or assault cannon. Or you could pop smoke to prevent some of the incoming damage from shooting. Then disgorge your termies or whatever other assault unit packed inside to chew up everything around it. Sounds like win to me!

5. My last entry is an all jump-pack army. I don't see the real merits of this incarnation, but I'm sure I will see it on the gaming board or on the interwebs. I've read that lots of people enjoy jump troops, but you will have a hard time convincing me it is as effective as a mechanized army. AP2 blasts will ruin your day, along with any AP3 or less weapons. This guy will show up, but I don't think it will last very long.

That's all I have for now. Granted those are really open-ended ideas with some wriggle room, but I'm sure you all get my point. Some other things you may see are triple flamestorm Baals, 8+ dreadnought builds, and librarian heavy builds. With the preponderance of cover saves in 5th, fast moving predators with Marine killing flamers are very attractive. Add in the sponson heavy flamers and you have some serious face melting going on. Who doesn't love armor 13 furioso dreads? Only the people being stomped on by them is all. Expect to see them in full force. I'm not sold entirely on the psychic powers, but I just need to see them in person to wrap my head around them all the way.

I'll start posting some more concrete list ideas when I have a tangible codex in hand and the points values. Until then, I'll just be dreaming in Blood Red each night . . .

Monday, March 8, 2010

Librarian Pics

Librarian front

This is my first Librarian that I had painted, and maybe one of my minis I am most proud of. This guy took lots of time to finish. I tried to be meticulous, and get every detail right. I did some of my first blending ever on this guy. I really like the model, and the Librarian part of it makes it even cooler for me. I love their iconography.

Here are some other shots. Please enjoy!

librarian right

Librarian back

Librarian legs close

Librarian axe close

Librarian Choulder close

Comments and Criticisms welcome!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blood Angels Rumors

So I usually don't post stuff like this, but BoLS just put up some new rumors for the Blood Angel release.

WOW was my first reaction. The new kits sound absolutely incredible. Who knows how reliable this is, but if it is for realsies, sign me up. x15!

Now I normally don't react so big to things like this, I tend to be more skeptical, but I just couldn't help but get excited. The artisan armor, 2h weapons of various types, wrist mounted weapons, and angel wings = pure win for me. I know not everyone is for this type of change, but I dig it.

Who knows about the fast skimmer, I'm holding judgement, although I really want to see it. Hopefully it isn't the IA lander that was previewed before at one of the Gamesdays. That model was terrible.

I'm way too excited for this to be released, it can't come soon enough.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Battle Report - Tau vs Space Wolves

For a little change of pace I took my small tau army out for a spin on Monday. I was reading the Tau of War recently and began to miss my neglected blue friends. So here it goes.

1550 points, Pitched Battle, Annihilation.

Tau Army
Shas'el plasma rifle and missile pod(PR/MP), bonding knife and 1 shield drone

2x Crisis teams-3 man squads all with PR/MP

2x 6 man firewarrior squads, 1 with Devilfish with smart missiles, disruption pods, targeting array and multi-tracker.

1 six man pathfinder squad with devilfish, same as above

2x Hammerheads with railguns, smart missiles, multi-tracker, and disruption pods.

1 three suit squad of Broadsides with 2 shield drones.

Space Wolves:
2x Rune priests JotWW on both, Living lightning, and the 5+ cover save as the other 2 powers

1 Long Fang squad w/ ML, plasma cannon, and Lascannon

1 Lone Wolf

1 Terminator squad with Arjac upgrade

3x troops with Terminator leader with combi-meltas

1x other troop choice with Lukas the Trickster in it.

He won the die roll and passed me first turn. I have no idea why. So I set up centrally with eveything but one devilfish, and let him go. When he set up I saw no transports, and my heart went out to the poor guy. It was going to be a shooting gallery.

First turn, I had to eliminate his long fangs, they were the only immediate threat to my army. They were camping in a central building with LOS to the whole board about. They had to die. Markerlights went up and only 2 hits. This was my first go with them in my army, and the jury is still out on whether I like them or not. So my suits shot the long fangs to pieces, leaving only the lascannon standing. The rest of my shots went into the troop squad at the base of the building. They lost a few guys, but both squads passed their Ld.

His turn he came forward running. His lascannon managed to shake the crew of one of my hammerheads and that was the end of his turn.

Next turn I got 4 marker light hits, much better. I nailed his Terminator squad that was hugging a forest and launched a load of shots into them. The markerlights dropped their cover so my plasma rifles would be more effective, and boosted my ballistic skill. And his storm shields laughed off plasma, much to my dismay. I did get a few kills in to force a Ld test, but he passed that easily.

His turn he ran towards me screaming some more. He had a few combi-meltas in range of one of my tanks, and managed to shoot the railgun off one of them. His lascannon did nothing, and that was the end of his turn.

Turn 3 I blasted him some more. Wiping one squad and killing a few more terminators. On the far side I had a devilfish shooting the crap out of his Lone Wolf, and this turn I finally managed to down him. And I didn't move one of my Hammerheads, which was a mistake.

His turn he brought another combi-melta around a bulding and blew my Hammerhead to bits, ugghh. And wouldn't you know it, the explosion engulfed all my Pathfinders, and killed all but 2 of them. What a blow. The pathfinders booked it off the table, being much too afraid of the Wolves closing in on them. End of turn.

The rest of the games was mostly unremarkable, in that I just continued to retreat in front of him and shoot him to smoking piles of melted power armour. On turn 5 I finally got the last of his army, a lone Rune Priest hiding in some trees. It took all of my suits to finally kill him off, coming to rolling 6 2+ saves vs my 14 missile pod shots. The priest had only one wound left, and he managed to fail just one of the saves. It was epic to see, It all came down to the last roll. We both had a good laugh about it.

Total victory for the Greater Good! MVP was the Crisis suits. They put out so many shots it was kind of silly. They killed more than 3/4ths the army. I had a good time, although I would have preferred more competition from his list. I know the Wolves have much more than that to throw at me, and it was a little underwhelming. Jaws was fail for the game. He managed to get it off twice, and I passed the test on the 1 model he got each time. Lucky rolling by me, but it could, and should have been much worse. Even rhinos would have made the game interesting, but such is life, every game can't be a nail-biter.

Until next time!