Friday, October 30, 2009

Blood Angels BatRep

So time for something besides the painting competition I think. As fun as it is, that's not the only reason I love this hobby.

I went to my FLGS for league night to get a game in, and after playing my Tau the last few times, and getting hyped about my BA from being on Jawa's blog non-stop the past weeks, I felt it was time for a change.

I drew up a list that certainly isn't a "Best of" but it was one that I wanted to try, and has units in it that I really enjoy. So here is the list

Assault Terminators-3x LC, 2x TH/SS
Death Company x3 w/ rhino
2x Death Company Dread w/ heavy flamers
2x 5 man assault squads w/ Rhinos
2x Land Raider Crusaders
Dakka Predator (autocannon + heavy bolter sponsons)
Attack bike with multi-melta

It's a little over 1500 points

My Opponents list was:

2x Demon princes with lash
3x vindicators
4x rhinos with full 10 man squads inside of regular chaos marines

I got first turn, and the game was annihilation. I set up centrally with my assault element, and the rhinos, predator and attack bike to the left, but not all the way on the flank. The other guy set up his vindicators on my right flank and his rhinos centrally with the DP's in between them behind a building.

Turn 1
I rolled slightly to my right towards the vindis with my LRCs in the front with the Dread and DC rhino behind for cover. The LRCs popped smoke. The pred stayed put and the attack bike moved forward 24 up the side to get some flanking shots next turn. Shooting phase I did get a popped rhino with my predator and the explosion killed one of his marines inside, and they then passed the pinning test. Round over for me.
His turn he moved his marines out of the crater and towards some ruins for cover. His other rhinos angled towards my pred and attack bike. He left his DP's where they were because his lash was mostly worthless. His vindi's angled around to get shots on my LRCs. He popped smoke on the rhinos in the shooting phase and unloaded his vindis on me. Only one if the shots landed, and penned my LRC with the termies and Mephiston inside. I failed the cover save, but Corbulo negated that for me. The other shots scattered wildly off. End of turn 1

Turn 2
My turn I moved my LRC up 6 to get a multi-melta on his vindis. The DC rhino and dreads followed behind again. Predator moved forward 6 inches to fire, and the attack bike went 12 to get melta range on his rhinos. The assault squad rhinos held back with nothing better to do. Shooting phase was bad rolling for me. Attack bike popped the nearest rhino, pred killed one of the marines that fell out. The loaded LRC fired on the vindi's and did nothing, and the other LRC shot at the rhinos closing in and only stunned one of them, and nothing else was in range.
His turn, he ran his rhinos right at me for melta range on the LRC and dreads, which I had forgotten to pop smoke on. He moved 2 of the vindis for better angles. He fired and scattered off with all of his vindicators this turn, which was lucky for me. His rhinos managed to immobilize my empty LRC, and stun one of my dreads. He also managed to pop my DC rhino, spilling the DC and Corbulo. His marines that fell out of the popped rhino melta'd my attack bike. And his DP's were still hiding out back with nothing to do. End of turn 2.

Turn 3
This was the money turn here. I rolled my loaded death machine right into the faces of his vindis this round, and unloaded the termies and Mephiston. The dreads moved up to face the rhinos and occupants that were sure to be coming out. my assault rhinos ran away from the melta toting guys, just to be safe. In shooting, my loaded LRC destroyed one of his vindis. The other LRC Popped one of the rhinos, and one of the dreads popped the other rhino. The other dread was able to heavy flame and melta the closest marine squad and be ready to assault. He lost a few marines to my dakka pred on the left side as well. The assault phase finished him off mostly. Termies took the one vindi that had moved out in a great explosion, which killed one of my own termies. Mephiston destroyed the other one. Only one dread was able to assault, and he finished the remains of the marine squad with ease, while my DC assaulted the other squad that had been dumped form their rhino. They both slaughetred each other to a man. 3 DC vs 6 marines, good trade imo.
His turn he finally brought the DPs over to play with my termies. They both assaulted the termies, and only managed to put out 3 wounds. The SS guys both saved, and the other failed his save, which corbulo promptly ignored :) Their swings back managed to kill one of the princes. End of turn.

Turn 4
It was already over for all intents and purposes, but I still assaulted Mephiston into his other prince and killed him pretty easily, didn't even need the termies. At this point my opponent wisely called the game. He didn't have a chance at all with only 1 and a half squads of marines left.

It was a fun game for me. Granted, I think he played bad with his DP's. he should have come right at my LRs to blow them up, if not the Dreads. Also, mech armies defeat lash easy. He played defensively because his go-to tactics weren't available. Also the dice were against him and his vindi's. But I had a bad turn 2 of shooting also.

It was a really fun list to run. I'm sure there are lots of ways to make it better, but when you win easy with a list, you don't know what to change to make it better. All of the units performed just how I wanted them to. I'm not a list building genius by any stretch of the imagination, so I'll have to keep playing with this and see what I can do with it.

Suggestions and comments are more than welcome, I'd like to improve the list where I can of course!


  1. Sounds like a good time with a list I haven't seen before (lots of LR and Mephiston). The one thing I'd say is calling cheese on the Exsanguinator saving vehicle saves. I know the Rules As Written say "ignore a failed save" so that's on your side, but I gotta believe that will be removed with the new codex next year, as that doesn't seem to follow Rules As Intended. Unless of course it's like throwing up a wall of Sanguinius' blood, then I have no doubt it could deflect vindicator shells. ;-)

    Other than that, I would have to say your opponent did play his princes too cautiously just because lash didn't work. They're still Monstrous Creatures, lol.

  2. Im on the same side with you about the cover save ignoring, but as gimped as the BA codex is, I take what I can get, you know.

    If my opponent would let me pay vanilla prices for the same units, and improve my SS save etc, then I wouldn't play it that way.

    And he was too timid with his DP's, one of the reasons I won. When I saw him hold back, I started playing up the "torrent" effect of my LRC's to keep them hiding, and they did, lol