Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pics and WIPs

Time for an update around here. I got some pictures taken of some of my mostly painted minis. Also a few pics of a conversion I just began working on. So if you haven't noticed yet, everything I have is a work in progress. I have painting/modeling ADD I'm pretty sure, so little ever gets completely done. But at least is doesn't look too crappy on the table. Right?

So here is my Land Raider salvage job. I bought the hull from a friend for 5 bucks. Best deal of my life. I then got the Redeemer/Crusader sprue from the local store and put all the weapons on. I wanted a different looking tank than the others I have painted, and I got some inspiration from the DH codex. Turned out all right.

By the way, I take craptastic pictures with an incredible camera. It belongs to the wife and I am blundering through trying to figure it out. So try to get past the shoddy pics and enjoy the minis.

LR2 rt side
LR2 rt side full
LR2 rt side close

And here it is with my other LR. I magnetized the sponsons on this one as well. If you are interested there is a tutorial here.

LR1 and LR2

Here is a speeder I just finished. This guy was one of my MVP's for the recent tournament. Heavy flamer and multi-melta work wonders.


Don't mind the missing flamer, it is coming, lol.

Now for my latest conversion. I love librarians, in the fluff and in-game. They may not be the best HQ's but I totally dig them. When the new BA dex comes out I am going to run Librarian heavy for sure. My list will probably be created around librarians, with some assault vehicles for fast action. As far as models go, I have Mephiston, a generic Librarian, and now I am converting this guy out of the Assault on Black Reach Captain.

good libby pic

This was my first shot at greenstuff work, and I am very happy with how it turned out. I have a ways to go before I can do it confidently, but it was a great start I think.

The banner was shaved off with a sharp hobby knife, then the Librarian skull with horns went up there. I left the scroll on the bottom to write in some cool name. I sculpted a psychic hood on the head to really make the conversion work. I drilled into the sword hand and inserted a piece of metal rod into to make the weapon a glaive, then glued the skull from the pommel back onto the end of the glaive haft. This book Photobucket is going into the outstretched arm. That skull on the cover wasn't as clean as I would like, but it went well.

There are a few bits I need to clean up where I hacked the mini up, but it is almost ready to prime, assemble, and paint.

Here is a close up of the banner, so all you greenstuff pros can give me some tips.
banner real close

As always, comments are welcome, and even appreciated.


  1. These are looking really good. Thanks for sharing your WIP.

  2. I never did get to see the greenstuff work yesterday before I left town. I am way impressed with the skull babe. You have mad skills!

  3. I like the paintjob on the raider best. The colors and ighlights are vivid and it is rare, that you see someone paint these kind of geometric shapes on 4k0 vehicles. Did you use maskingtape or do you have such a steady hand?
    Concernig the greenstuff I must stay that you are off to a good start- I like sculpting as an alternative to painting. It is a bog motivatpr sometomes when I don't feel like painting and start playing around with some details greenstuff work I find myself painting afteron. Anyway- long commt short: Thanks for sharing- keep it up!

  4. The lines were done freehand. I marked it off with a ruler and pecil after priming, then just went at it with a brush.

    And thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them!