Thursday, May 6, 2010

Battle Report - Blood Angels vs. Salamanders

Hello boys and girls! It’s everyone’s favorite time here again. BATREP time!!!

Thought I’d start with something a little different, lol. As luck would have it, my wife let me sneak out again with my Blood Angels for a little game time at the LGS. I took the new list I just posted about and found some unsuspecting Salamander player to sink my vampire teeth into. He was a younger guy, but fun to play against. He had a decent looking army, and by decent I mean completely painted with no proxies or counts-as. I’m one of the worst offenders, so I look at a fully-painted army, suppress my jealousy, and tell them how cool it looks. I just really need to stop playing FF XIII and do some painting. Great game btw if anyone was curious.

So onto the game. I used my ChaplainHammer list posted earlier.
Salamander army was this:
Vulkan with obligate 5x TH/SS Termies in LR Crusader
2x Tactical squad w/ flamer and multi-melta w/ TL-heavy bolter Razorback
1x Tactical squad with flamer and multi-melta on foot
1x 5-man assault squad with flamer and plasma pistol + power weapon on the sarge.
2x multi-melta attack bikes
2x Dreadnought with multi-melta and storm bolter

Annihilation game with Spearhead deployment. 1750 points.

I won the roll off and chose to go first.

I put my Land Raiders centrally, a few inches off the center circle, and my 2 Razorbacks on the opposite side of a building next to my LR’s. They were deployed as far back as possible while still maintaining LOS on most of the other deployment zone. My attack bikes were put in reserve to try and do some backdoor melta late game.

My opponent set up just off the center circle with his own Land Raider, Razorbacks slightly behind and more leftward. His two Dreads were further back, one to each side of the LR. Neither Tac squad took advantage of the Razorbacks, which was bad, and they all deployed on foot a little behind the LR. That was also bad. He should have had everything way forward to take advantage of his mostly immobile multi-meltas. His bikes were behind the dreads ready to zoom around a large central building to flank my LR’s. His assault squad was deepstriking. Right at deployment I knew things were going to be easier for me. He was not aggressive enough with his deployment. I was afraid of all those TL-multi-meltas, and for good reason. I had 4/5 of my army tied up in LR’s and if those baskets were opened then all the eggs would come spilling out.

Turn 1
I had to get rid of his dreads; they posed the biggest threat to my LR’s. With the multi-melta and str 10 attacks, they had to go. So I moved my Razorbacks into position and fired away at them. I immobilized one of them, and stunned the second. Pretty good start. My LR’s stayed still for fear of all the melta on his side of the table. His side of the turn sees his bikes trying to round the building towards me, and everything that could advance did, although his LR stayed back for some reason. Neither of us wanted to commit just yet. No shooting from him, he was out of range.

Turn 2
I rolled for my bikes and they came on. Sweet! I had the perfect counter to his bikes. Things were looking good for me I thought. My Razors scooted away a bit to keep the lascannons firing without any kind of reprisal. My LR’s stood still again. My Razorbacks blew a HB off one razorback and that was it. Not so good this turn. Attack bikes get ready to fire and I roll snake eyes. What a joke. I just handed him an easy kill point. Things were not looking good here.

His end of the turn he still can’t draw a bead on my Razors in the corner with any of his firepower except for the HB Razorback. He fired at me but no effect. Then came the moment of truth, as he fired his attack bikes at mine. He hit both times, but rolled a one for the second wound! Lucky me, I only lost one bike, and still had a chance to protect my flank.

Turn 3
I still keep my Land Raiders out of striking distance from his multi-meltas, I am just not ready to jump in there and toss my LR to all of his multi-meltas. I don’t trust the dice this game. So I am still hanging back, from the middle of the board. I take my bike and run it into some ruins to try to get cover from the shots that will be coming that way. Shooting was ineffective this round from my Land Raiders, but my Razorbacks blew up one of his Razorbacks. Then my attack bike made good with his multi-melta and fried one of the opposing ones. Other than that it was an uneventful turn, again.

On the opposing side, he moved up a bit more to get some better shots at my Razorbacks. He blew up my last attack bike when I failed my cover save, of course. He also got one of my Razorbacks with his Land Raider. That was unfortunate, but they had lasted longer than I had thought they would.

Turn 4
This was time to get things going finally. I was sick of holding back, but I knew that whoever got the charge on the other was going to be in better position. So I got more offensive and moved my Land Raiders forward to put the pressure on him. They moved up, but I still had to take care of the last bike hanging out on my flank. A multi-melta from my Redeemer took care of it well enough. My Crusader managed to take out his Land Raider with a well placed shot from the multi-melta on top, while my assault cannon took the multi-melta arm of the adjacent dreadnought. I finally got Vulkan and his crew out of their box, and it was time to crush them. The rest of my shooting was effective, in that my last lascannon popped the final Razorback.

His turn was unfortunate for him, but good for me. His dread advanced on my Redeemer for assault, and Vulkan failed to reach my Crusader while struggling to get out of his wrecked ride. His dread failed to hurt my Redeemer in assault. But he had my assault ramp and tank blocked off from moving forward and frying the remainder of his foot slogging marines with my flamestorm cannons.

Turn 5
This was the beginning of the end for him. I disembarked all of my termies and prepared to erase Vulkan and his squad. The Redeemer smoked the dread blocking his path, while the Crusader sent a boat load of shots into Vulkan and his cronies. He lost only one terminator from the shooting and had a wound on Vulkan. My Las Razorback also managed to toast his remaining dread that had been immobilized turn one. The kill points were adding up for me! The scrum in the middle of the table was about to begin. I was able to charge Vulkan and Co with both squads for a total of 10 terminators, 2 Sanguinary Priests in Terminator armor, and a Reclusiarch in termy armor. It was epic. The Chaplain killed a termy; the priests took down another one and wounded Vulkan again. The 4 LC termies took another termy and Vulkan, while Vulkan took down one TH/SS terminator with his attacks back. Then I had 5 terminators with TH/SS attacking back. I hit 10 times out of 15 and wounded 10 times. His last Terminator couldn’t take the hurt and was wiped off the face of the planet. What an assault, I thought I was going to lose more men than that, but the LC termies and Priests really carried their weight in the assault. The chaplain didn’t kill much, but his re-rolls were great for the other 12 bodies in the assault. I then consolidated towards the remaining tac squads that he had ready for me to assault.

On his turn he just lined up to shoot me to pieces, as all my terminators were lined up 10” away from both his tac squads. He put down 2 termies each from the two squads, which wasn’t too bad I suppose. But it wasn’t enough for him. I asked him at this point if he wanted to continue, and he said yes. It was about 8 or nine KPs to 2, and he had no way to come back. He is a fighter I guess, and thought he could get some things done.

Turn 6
I was finally able to put my Redeemer to good use this turn. I ran it up 12” right next to a beautiful line of marines. I got 8 of them under the template and fried 7 of them. I love the smell of flamestorm cannon at any time of day. The pesky marines stuck around, and were assaulted for their foolishness. They were wiped in assault, but the other squad was too far into some terrain and I couldn’t come to grips with them with my other Termy assault squad.

His turn he shot me some more, killed a terminator maybe, and finally remembered his Assault squad. They dropped in next to my Razorback and other assault squad that was hiding out in the crater left by their ride. He shot at me, and I lost just one marine. I asked again if he wanted to call it, but he said no, so we rolled for it and the game went on.

Turn 7
My Redeemer put both templates down on his tac squad nearby and cleansed their filth from the Emperor’s sight. On the other side of the board, my two assault squads attacked his jump-packers and wiped them as well. All he had was one remaining tac squad in a fortified position in a far corner of the board that I couldn’t reach in
time to do anything about, and it hadn’t done anything all game. Game over.

Blood Angels were victorious! I kind of felt bad for the guy though. I don’t know how new he was to the game, but he made the game easy for me. He deployed so far from my army that he couldn’t use half the points in his army. His multi-meltas were all out of range for 3/4ths the game. And they were the real threat to my list. He should have packed some multi-meltas into the Razorbacks and bum rushed me. It would have made the game completely different. His dreads were a non-factor because of deployment too. They could have given me some fits, but were neutralized easily. It was nice to win a game again, but it unfortunately was not a hard fought game, and those are the types of games I enjoy the most.

My MVP was hard to determine. The large terminator fight in the middle of the table was fun for me, but I really think that the Land Raider Redeemer was the winner. He slagged the lone melta bike coming for me, popped a dreadnought, popped a Razorback, and toasted nearly 2 full tactical squads. Not too bad of a kill tally. I have always wanted to run a Redeemer in a game, and it fulfilled my expectations fully.
Now I just need to find a way to balance this list some more. It is such a “rock” type list that I don’t want to get stuck in noobslayer mode. I want to build balanced lists that can take all comers. The game was fun, but it is back to the drawing board.


  1. you just need to play less and paint more? hmmm. I could think of some other suggestions for you ;)

  2. Hm, sounds like an alright game, since you won, but weren't challenged. The only thing I would note is you said the Chappy was giving his rerolls to the other 12 people in assault, but I believe he can only confer Liturgies to the unit he joined, and you were working with two different squads in the same CC. Just a small detail, but I always try to play close to the rules as possible so as not to come off as trying to get an underhanded advantage, so I nitpick.

  3. The way I understand it, and I could certainly be wrong, is both units become a combined unit for the purposes of the assault.

    I would love to play it correctly, if you know where the relevant bit is in the BRB, then let me know. I'm not for cheating to win at plastic soldiers.

    @ Bekah: what would those things be? and by painting I always mean miniatures, not houses, or walls, or bedrooms, or anything else, so no funny business, lol

  4. Hm, I checked my rule book, but didn't see anything in the assault section about combining units in multiple combats. I mean, enemies can still split their attacks between the two units, otherwise they would roll everything against a single unit. I would just assume they are individual units per the normal rules for units.

  5. I see your point about taking advantage of something that probably isn't there. I'll need to check the rulebook about multiple assaults and IC's.

    If an IC is inbetween two separate units, in coherency with both, which one does he join? Does he have to choose one, or would he be considered to be "bridging" the two? And if one of the units was charged in assault, would the other be brought into assault because of the IC in the middle? I don't know, but the more I think about it, the more I think the answer is no. And if that is the case, then the Chaplain wouldn't buff both squads.

    It's a good question.

  6. Um, I agree with SynnerG (sadly, because I also use a Reclusiarch). I don't think they count as a single unit when they charge. I could be wrong, but that's my initial reaction.

    As for balancing your list, have you considered adding an infernus pistol to your reclusiarch? Maybe that sounds a little dumb, but if you combine it with the land raider's MM, you then have 2 meltas (one at BS5), and you could potentially pop a tank AND assault what's inside. It might help a little when you're doing the 'land raider face off' like in this game.

    Also, as a tactics thing, a lot of times in a kill points game, I'll sacrifice a kill point to force a guy to make a move. In this game, (I'm not sure if it was even feasable) but you might have had some success jetting a razor squad up, disembarking next to his raider, and shooting your 2 meltas. Even if it didn't pop the raider, he'd be forced to counter it somehow or risk being melta'd in the next turn too. Armies with only one good assault element are usually forced to make tough decisions like that, and regardless, whatever he used to counter that squad would be putting themselves into the threat range of the termies in raiders...

    Just something to think about. Nice batrep, glad to see you're winning games again, it's always tough to fight your way through a slump. I certainly don't want to play against this list :P

  7. I agree with you Xaereth about forcing his hand, but in this game, my lascannons were hot, and they were acting as the bait, but from far away. I was getting good shots on his Rzb's and Dreads. I had the range advantage so he had to come to me.

    But that is a gem of advice I will surely have to use later. Thanks!

  8. Like the blog, you going to update anytime soon?

  9. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again