Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painting Competition

So over at Jawaballs blog, ( which I highly recommend btw, there is a painting competition going on. And yours truly threw his hat into the ring!

I scouted out the competition a bit, and it is stiff. I think I can place top ten, but I don't think I have a chance to win it all. But who knows, stranger things have happened I suppose.

I only have one picture taken of the guy so far, and he is only primed and washed. But I thought I'd post anyways, because I got some decent pictures of my Mephiston WIP. So here they are, enjoy! Comments and criticisms are welcome!


  1. Your Mephiston WIP looks cool even though it is still a WIP, i was one of the competion painters but have accepted that i will not be able to make as real life is throwing me some curve balls at the moment.

    Hope you fare well in the competition and look forward to see your result.

  2. Sorry to hear that you won't be able to enter a model. I know what you mean about the curve balls. Good luck.

    I have to get to finishing mine as well, it's coming along though. I got some more pics taken, and should post them soon.