Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Competition Update

I made the top 4!

I am way excited. I really was just hoping for top 10, then I made that and felt like top 5 would just be icing on the cake.

So here it is, the final waiting bit. I'm dying of anticipation here. I am refreshing his blog every 30 minutes or so, knowing for a fact that the update of the next two finalists won't be until tomorrow. I just can't help myself.

Wish me luck. I just want top 2 now, but I am not counting on that. A box of terminators would go a long way in my house right now.

Just sayin' Jawa ;)


  1. Not a bi spurprise to me that you are Top4- your red tones are realy excellent and the white helmet really puts a focus into it. I like your use of strong contrasts. I might steal your sheme for my GrimAngels terminator helmets.

  2. congrats, in case you didn't read it by now

  3. I did!

    And congrats to you too. I am totally fine losing out to your model. You did a fantastic job all over. I particularly liked the weathering you did, and for what it is worth i thought yours was better than the one he posted first, by Deagle.

  4. I think both lists have potential and disadvantages:

    Do you want to sit back and shoot? Then the first list is for you. It is a great list against all except marines with lots of long range fire power… and against a really fast assault army.

    Librarian-Plasma pistol, Null zone and Gate of Infinity:
    I personally hate randomness so Gate of Infinity gives me some hesitation but it can be a game winner (or loser if it fails).
    Rifleman dread x3-2x twin linked autocannons:
    Twin-Linked Lascannons will do better – AP2 Str 9 weapons that re-roll misses are essential against all but the best armor (14) and terminators (you will be playing marine armies)
    Dakka pred x3-Autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons:
    Baal Predators will do more for you here – shorter range on the Assault Cannons but overall considerably better against troops and armor
    5 man tactical squad with Razorback w/ Lascannon and twin linked plasma gun x4:
    4 Five man units are great for objectives – agreed – kill the other army and you will be fine. You have no close combat so will suffer in this area.
    Attack bike squad w/ 3 bikes w/ multi-meltas
    This is a good fast unit but has little moving with it so becomes a high priority target. Without support it has little chance,
    Landspeeder w/ heavy bolter and typhoon missile launcher x2
    Great for long distance shootyness and objective deniers – I love these but usually use one of these and then one with Multi-Melta and optional flamer.

    Second List:

    I like this list better especially because it fits more in-line with the Blood Angel method of getting close and personal.
    Good abilities. I don’t have army builder at work so cannot completely asses…
    Death Company Furioso Dreadnoughtx2-venerable, melta, heavy flamer
    I hate these guys (which means that they do well for Blood Angels). Take ‘em – especially in tandem. (Hvy Armor right?)
    Death Company marine x2 w/ rhino
    Where is your assault squad? You can’t assult out of Rhino’s and where does Corbulo sit? He needs to be assaulting with his squad (I recommend a land raider for this – not sure what models you have). Better to have three squads with a raider than 4 that don’t do any well or having a purpose.
    Baal Predator x3-twin linked assault cannon w/ heavy bolter sponsons
    Nice – maybe find points for Land Raider by losing one of these plus something else – these don’t take objectives and they die easier
    Tactical Squad x2-Flamer and lascannon w/ razorbacks w/ twin linked lascannons:
    Good objective holders – best setup for them
    Attack bike squad x2- 2 bikes w/ multimeltas:
    With the speeders you give multple targets - they should live longer and cause your enemy pain...
    Landspeeder Squadron- 2 speeders w/ heavy flamers and multi-meltas:
    Again, I like one of each speeder to give you options for long range and close range

    Lot’s of info and opinions I know – but you asked :)

  5. oops - posted in wrong place - sorry :)