Monday, October 26, 2009

Painting Competition Update

Well well well . . . Jawa has posted concerning the painting competition. He put up the models that did not place, and some of them were pretty good. I kept expecting to find my measely terminator in the line-up as I scrolled down.

But good news, I cracked the top ten! Or due to Jawa's counting error, the top eleven. That is great news to me. It is really validating to know that my painting isn't the total suck. I felt like I went out on a limb to put my painting skill, or lack thereof, out there for the whole 40K blogosphere. Granted I have this blog, but people have to find me here, and I get nowhere near the traffic that Jawa does. So thanks for the thumbs up Jawa, and let's see the rest of the winners!

I did get my attack bike done this last weekend. Painted more table-top quality than any kind of show piece. I like how it turned out though, and it makes me want to get some more bikers into my army. I did magnetize the sidecar so I can pull it off easily in case I ever want to do normal bikers. And it makes transport easier.

I also started working more on my rhinos, trying to get them painted up. Painting tanks is just a whole other can of worms for me. It takes my painting errors and magnifies them by about 5 times it seems. The little things I don't like seem to stand out when on such a big model. But on a better note, I did start some of the freehand work on my Death Company rhino. And it is hard, much harder than I thought it would be. I got some rough outlines and some details in, but the real small details are going to be hard to put in there. I can shade scuplted things, but forcing the lighting perspective on flat tank panels will be difficult.

Anyways, just a little update, and I will get some pictures of the models to show. Since I'm pretty sure that is the only draw to this blog, besides my witty commentary of course ;) And I also have a batrep I need to write up, maybe I'll get that done this week, and maybe not with the impending move through 3 states, uggghhh.


  1. you may be somewhere in the top ten according to jawa but you are numero uno according to me.

  2. that is the cheesiest thing you might have ever said to me . . .

    and thats why I love you.

    When are you going to get an army together to play me anyways . . .