Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blood Angel Army List-Descent of Angels

I've been making lists and toying with ideas since the rumors started hitting the blogosphere about the new Blood Angels codex. I've had some lists I thought were strong, key word is thought lol, and some that were for fun. I think the new codex has lots of cool options, and thankfully some strong options as well. I've posted some of the lists I was going to try out.

One list variant I didn't think would be too powerful was the all jump-pack army. Who wants to start on the board and hoof it all the way across and get shot to pieces? The answer is nobody. Then I learned about the Descent of Angels rule that allows you to reroll the reserve rolls, and scatter is only 1d6. I didn't get the full import of what that meant until I started writing a list for an all jump-pack army. I was writing the list and seeing the units I could add in and the options available and I started to get really excited about the list. I then read Fritz's article about deployment and reserves and so on, and I got more excited. The idea of using m list in this manner was great. I love to assault, I love to deepstrike, and I love to play unorthodox armies.

So I had my list and was tweaking it and wondering how I could make it better. What were the weaknesses, where could I shore up some more strengths? Then I saw Stelek's jump-pack list, and it was the exact same in FOC composition as mine, excepting wargear in a few spots. I liked how he laid out the army and put redundancy in there to cover eventualities. He made the squads dual-purpose, in that they could kill armor or infantry on the charge. It made so much sense to me. Best of all, I already own the vast majority of the models needed.

So here we are. This is the serious BA army I will start to work on and tweak to my liking. The list I wrote was for 1750, because that is what I usually play.

Librarian x2 w/ jump-pack. Blood Lance and Sanguine Sword

Honor Guard x2 w/ jump-packs. 2x Melta

10 man Assault squad x2 with 2x melta and infernus pistol on the sarge

Sanguinary Priest x2 w/ jump-pack and power weapon

Fast Attack
Vanguard Veterans x2. 5 man. Glaive encarmine on sarge. 2x melta, 2x storm shield, power fist.

As soon as I get some time to play, this bad boy will be hitting the table at the FLGS. I'm super excited to try it out.

Comments and criticisms welcome. I'd love to hear others' ideas!


  1. I really like the Librarians so far (never played one before tho) as very utilitarian either to support your troops or murder the enemy; your choice, haha. And the priests are super expensive, but if you keep different units grouped, you get your money back.

    The only stuff that needs to get worked out is the plethora of assault troop options. You have Sang Guard, Honor Guard, Normal, and Vanguard. All with their own load out of weapons, special rules, and point costs. Some score, some don't, some are expensive, some cheap. Who knows what will work best, but should be an interesting time haha.

    My first list is on my blog at But I'm already sitting down to touch it up and then work on a mech list too.

  2. I commented on your post already Haunter, funny that you should find your way to mine independantly, lol.

    As far as the assaulters go, they all are pretty good options if you want to do assaulty-drop-in-their-face armies.

    I think the best bang for your buck is the Honor Guard. You can kit them out about any way you want. And they have a Sang. Priest built in. You really cant beat that for points. Try to do the same for the Vangaurd, or even Sanguinary Guard, then you are priced right out of the park.

  3. I tend to do that Michael, lol. Honor Guard do look tasty with their options. I just like to have mostly scoring troops where possible. A personal choice, not advocating it as a strategy for ppl. If my dudes are going to be up in the face of defenders, might as well make them hold the objective when their done. But I do love the hidden Priest in the group. I'm still working away in the codex-mine to get more workable lists completed to be subsequently torn apart on the blogosphere, lol.

  4. That is a perfectly viable reason. I tend to play light on troops, so I can use the toys in the dex. Most people at my store like to play annihilation games anyways, just for simplicity's sake. So for me it works well. But in objective games I would be at a serious disadvantage.

    I do the same with lists though. Just throw them out there to get input, and if needs be, to be torn apart.

  5. How many blokes in the honour guard unit?

  6. It is a 5 man unit. All veteran stat lines, and one of them is a Sanguinary priest, doling out furious charge and feel no pain.