Monday, March 22, 2010

Blood Angels Mech List - Razorback Spam

So here is a list I cooked up last night while playing around with the new codex. I'm not going to say this list is super original, because the basis has been floating around for quite some time in various places.

So here's the list:

Librarian-cover save power, and maybe the lance power, not sure here.

6x 5 man Assault squad with melta in a Razorback with Lascannon and twin-linked Plasma

Fast Attack
3x Baal Predators with Flamestorm cannons, or Assault cannons, or any combination that you like.

Heavy Support
3x Predators with Autocannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons

Total points is 1750, which is what I usually play. But it gives you some wiggle room to add some elites, or add some sponsons to the Baals, or add some toys to the Assault squads to hit 2000 points. Maybe some Sanguinary Priests or lascannon sponsons on the Autocannon preds, you know, whatever your taste.

I really like this list, a lot. 12 tanks total, 6 of which are Predators, and all of which are fast vehicles. The list packs some serious fire power at 1750 and has the mobility to get where you want it to go, without suffering too much in firepower. Want to redeploy first turn without losing all your shots? Go ahead and make the 12" move with all your tanks and still fire your lascannons. Take first turn each time and watch as you play a refused flank on your opponent, and still fire 6 lascannons and 6 autocannon shots at him, minimum.

I need to start speed painting my Rhino/Razorbacks and Predators now.

Give me your thoughts on the list, improvements, problems, etc. Any ideas appreciated.

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  1. It's a decent list, it's kinda like what I run, but I use a bland Captain, instead of a librarian. However, the abilities are decent. Personally, I would take away the assault squad's jetpacks and use the points for free upgrades... did you take the packs off? Else that won't work... Plus I prefer twin linked lascannons, but that's just me