Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Blood Angels Army List

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So for my first try at a list from the new codex, I am going to jump on the Death Company bandwagon. I realize that it won't be the most competitive list, but I am going for fun on this. Maybe it will be able to stomp face, but I'm not betting on it, lol.

So here is how the list will pan out I think. Granted I still have no point values, so this list is as rough a draft as you could imagine.

Astorath-because I love the model, plain and simple. He is on order and will be used, and lovingly painted ;)

Librarian-maybe one of these, probably not because of points issues. But the 5+ cover save would be nice for my DC charging across the board.

Death Company-30 man strong I think. Odds are it will be without jump packs, because it is too many points. Thanks for the screw-up on that GW. There will be some power weapons tossed in, and some fists or thunder hammers for tank smashing

Death Company Dreadnoughts-I will try to max these out in numbers. Put some blood talons on a few, a magna grapple or two, so I can bring the enemy to me. I just love death company dreads, and will need to get some more dread models.

Librarian Dreadnoughts- I can't wait for these. I want to look at them more in depth to see what options will be viable. But I'm thinking of jump pack power and the Preferred enemy power with Blood talons. Rerolls to hit, and wounds give extra attacks. That just seems crazy-killy to me.

Sanguinary Priests-I don't know if these guys will have a place in the army or not. I have to see the DC rules and the Priest rules to know what gaps need to be filled. The FNP will be great for a 30 man strong squad at the very least, especially for only 50 points.

Fast Attack
Baal Predators-Fast scout tanks will be awesome. Get into position to open transports or silence heavy tanks while my DC are coming to get them.

Heavy Support
Predators-maybe annihilators, because there is no ranged anti-tank in the list as of now. Although this slot will probably be empty. I just don't think I will have the points under 2K to get anything done. I usually play only 1750 or 1850 games, and all of this will probably not fit in. I will probably have to trim Astorath down to a Reclusiarch, and trim some power weapons/fists, and pare down the dreads while I am at it

So there it is. All over the board, little focus, lots of glaring holes, but I think it will be a friggen blast to play. Until I run into a fast mobile army that I just can't catch. I will have to use the DC infantry as a long strung-out net to hem the opposition in, then close in with the dreads to make them pay. But I will design the list and certainly play it a few times before I change it up to make a more competitive list.

Comments as always are welcome!


  1. I think the DC come with FNP don't they? Wouldn't that make the Sanguinary Priests redundant?

  2. Do they? That is entirely possible. They did in the previous dex, but I don't know if it has changed.

    But you are correct if that is so. I just need a dex. Desperately, lol

  3. Yes, DC will have WS5 Furious charge, 2 Attacks Base and FNP. Saves you some points. A 30 man squad with upgrades will come in at about 700 points which is a real point sink.
    Looking forward on how it will change with point costs ^^

    I was tempted but will stick with my Templars for now.

  4. 700 points is crazy. I knew it would be a lot, but it still has some sticker shock.

    I will probably cut the squad to 20 after playing a few games. I really only need about 4 DC dreads I think, and that only necessitates 20 DC infantry. I'll see how it goes, and alter as I learn.

    I need to get to the FLGS sometime soon and get some hard numbers for squads and what not.