Friday, March 19, 2010

First Blood Angels List - For Reals this time!

Dread chest

Ok, so I looked some stuff up at the FLGS and solidified my DC list I just posted. I'm excited about the list. Funny thing is I have no scoring units. I have to wipe the enemy to win objective games. I think it kind of fits the while Death Company raving lunatics theme. The only victory is in annihilation of the enemy or death.

HQ-Astorath the Grim

Elites- 2x Furioso Dreadnought, 1xBlood Talons, 1x Blood Fists, heavy flamer, meltagun and magnagrapple on each

Troops- 20x Death company infantry, 5x power weapons
4x Death company dreadnoughts, 2x Blood talons, 2x Blood fists, Heavy flamer, meltagun and magnagrapple on each

Fast Attack- 3x Baal Predators. 2x with assault cannon and heavy bolter sponsons, 1x with flamestorm cannon

Baal predators scout ahead to get side shots or mow down infantry. Flamestorm moves fast to torch squads emptied out of their transports by shooting. Dreadnoughts advance at the front providing cover for the infantry, popping smoke first turn if there are no targets. Next turn is assault time, with the Dreadnoughts yanking tanks towards themselves for the infantry to chew on.

This list seems like so much fun to build and play. A serious alpha-strike list could damage me beyond repair, but that goes for most armies, and that is why it is just a fun list and not a tournament list.

Astorath has to make an appearance in the list, the reasons already given. But I can easily see myself subbing him out for a regular Reclusiarch as HQ. I really don't think Astorath adds anything to the list, other than coolness factor, which I can live without after a few games. The points drop would allow me to squeeze in a Librarian. The powers would be up in the air as far as what I would choose, but the psychic defense would be great.

So tell me what you all think, and I'll get cracking on a less gimmicky list.


  1. Awesome list, sounds like a lot of fun. not to cheesy, but painful when it works out. You might consider switching one Furioso Dreadnought for a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought. which has a Psychic Hood I believe, and can have a freaking jump pack :D which is insane cool..

    just my 2 cents :)

    ciao, Folkert

  2. I would like to get a Librarian dread in actually. I had one in the original version, but trimmed it out for some points. I might drop Astorath and one one in, trimming some points from other places to make it happen. I think it would make the list more interesting.

    Thanks for the input btw!

  3. No problem :)

    I don't have the Blood angels Codex, but is it necessary to drop Astorath, he kinda belongs there :P Is it possible to drop one of the Death Company Dreads to add A Librarian Dreadnought? you'll be thanking him for the Psychic defense and, well as I said before, a Jump Pack dreadnought is way to awesome to pass up on :P :D


  4. It isn't necessary to drop Astorath, its just that I can get nearly the same punch from a Reclusiarch fro 90 less points. Thats half way to the dread for little to no downgrade in the list as far as I can remember