Friday, October 9, 2009

Painting Competition is done!

So I finished up my terminator.

Mixed feelings about it. I went futher as a painter than I ever have I think. I tried some new techniquest that went pretty well for the first time, and really tried to improve myself. But, the model did not turn out as I wanted it to. I had big hopes for this model, a big vision for where I wanted it to go. Suffice it to say, I dream better than I paint ;) I just couldn't pull of a few tricks I had up my sleeve, and that was discouraging. I also procrastinated a bit too much. I was up late last night finishing up some details and taking pics. Oh, well, such is married life with 3 wonderful kids and an even better wife (she actually encourages me to paint and be the best I can).

I don't think I will win, I hope that I can at least place top ten, but neither may happen. There are of course too many great painters out there. I am not at their level, but maybe someday I will be. Moral of the story should be that I learned something new, and grew as a painter. I should be content with that.

So thanks Jawaballs, for the fun competition. I really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to future competitions!

And here are the final images. Comments welcome as always.

Competition-Final Image

Side View

Competition-View 3


  1. I think you did really well on the blending of reds and i wish i dared to take on blending, but cant seems to figure it out ;-)
    The idea behind the hammer is good although i do not like the concept myself, but this is a painting competition and not sculpting and as such you have done a great job.

    Good Luck

  2. Is that wet blending or layering on the helmet?

  3. it was layering actually. I haven't figured out wet blending well enough to try it on such a small scale.

    but the fact that you asked is a vote of confidence to me :)

  4. Hey Mike, I dare you! Choose your weapon and get on it.